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Angelo Tatone feat. Special Guests

09/11/2021 DVD release

28/12/2021 digital music release in all platforms

November 2022 CD release

New Music! Guest Artists from all over the World. Variety of music styles and genres!

The project connects artists coming from different continents and aims to promote my new original compositions. This work represents my first DVD/CD (and digital music) publication as a composer, arranger, player and music producer.

As a performer I recorded different instruments such as various types of guitars, piano, percussion, vocals and much more. I composed the whole music, arranging and orchestrating it for a wide range of instruments such as electric, classical and jazz guitar, violins, trumpet, tenor and alto saxophone, piano, percussion, voices, effects, loops and more.

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Tour Dates

Angelo Tatone Austrian Jazz Trio

live @ Alexanderplatz Jazz Club, Roma on 6th of december 2022

feat. Thomas Gansch (Special Guest) on Trumpet, Michaela Brezovsky on Drums, Sebastian Schneider on Piano, Angelo Tatone on Guitar and Compositions

(c) 📸@mrs_ming & @michaelabrezovsky