Improvisation – Interdisciplinary Performance

My idea about creating this project was born with a cooperation between students of my course, coming from different departments of the JAM MUSIC LAB Private University and Conservatory Vienna such as music theatre, classical music and Jazz & Pop. So I set up the JAM MUSIC LAB COLLECTIVE ENSEMBLE, under my supervision. In this project there was a group of performers who were improving improvisation for two fixed performances, interacting between different fields of music and performing arts.

The performances took place at the EYE 2018 (European Youth Event) in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and in its “Flower Bar”. With this project I was able to win a full sponsorship by the European parliament, working for the theme “Apart and together: Working out for a stronger Europe”, as one of the best artistic projects at EYE 2018.

The concept and procedure of the performances was in connection with the given topic by the EU Parliament in the context of EYE 2018. The vision of the JML COLLECTIVE ENSEMBLE was that despite different national identities, a coexistence that goes beyond mere coexistence is possible. Communication needed a clear understanding of exchanged signs, of rules, but emotions also play an important role. This inevitably raises the question of power and dominance. The aim was to find a balance, which however had to be constantly rebalanced. What the ensemble, consisting of members of different nations from different continents, “plays through” on a small scale, should certainly also be seen in the political context of a European vision that has taken on concrete forms as the European Union, which is also subject to a permanent public discourse. Passion for an idea is the motor that drives development – it can throw a spanner in the works, but it can also bring positive visions to life. My ensemble was committed to the latter – we (as all member of the ensemble) believe in the vision of a peaceful, social and solidarity-based Europe. The EYE 2018 aimed to be a platform for exchange and discussion of ideas between young people and the European Parliament. Therefore, the mutual reaction to each other formed the basic framework of the artistic concept.



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